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Drought Relief

Helping Farmers Deal with Drought

Drought is a concern many farmers face, especially in the Southwest. Our Drought Relief Program can help you significantly reduce risk, while maximizing your cotton yield potential and your seed investment.

  • Take advantage of outstanding genetics and latest technology.
  • Help minimize loss from seed investment in drought-affected areas.
Monsanto Cotton Drought Relief Map

Key Benefits

  • Significantly reduces risk while helps maximize the potential of your cotton acres.
  • Help minimize loss from seed investment in drought-affected acres.

Eligibility Is Simple

If, due to drought, you harvest less than 150 pounds of lint per acre, you will receive credit for 100 percent of the amount paid for the Monsanto technology on those seeds planted in the drought affected area.


  • Grower must experience crop loss within 60 days of planting.
  • Crop must be replanted with a Genuity® trait.
  • If above criteria met, grower may qualify for 100% technology fee refund.

Crop Loss

  • Crop Loss refers to the establishment of satisfactory stand within 60 days after planting.
  • Crop must be destroyed after submitting a claim and validated by a Monsanto representative.
  • If above criteria met, grower may qualify for 100% technology fee refund.


  • Specifically for TX, OK, NM and KS.
  • Certified dryland acres only.
  • Grower must provide completed crop insurance claim form (stating drought as primary cause of crop loss).
  • If yields are 150 lbs. or less, grower may qualify for 100% technology fee refund.

Claims Process

  • Cotton Crop Loss claims must be submitted by the regional deadlines listed on the map to the right. Only Monsanto traits that are lost within 60 days of planting are eligible for Cotton Crop Loss.
  • A Monsanto authorized representative, authorized retailer or seed supplier where purchase originated or approved designee must inspect and verify grower's seed loss, replant/crop loss. A claim report must be filed for each claim.
  • Seed grown for production may not be eligible for replant refund.
Monsanto Cotton Drought Relief Map

Drought Relief Program Continues

  • Program valid only for the 2013 crop year in Monsanto's published Seed Drop Rate Zone D (which includes certain East Texas counties) and E (which includes the states of OK, NM, KS and certain West Texas counties). Please contact your local dealer to confirm geographical eligibility.
  • Program applies only to crop losses and/or specified yield reductions on acres planted with qualifying traits and incurred due to drought conditions on certified dryland cotton acres. Losses or reductions due to other conditions or perils, such as diseases, pests, hail, etc., are not eligible.
  • Program benefits are limited to published technology fees for qualifying traits. Added seed treatment costs are not included.
  • Final submission for Drought Relief in Zone D is November 8, 2013, and for Zone E is January 10, 2014.
  • Payment is contingent upon approved claim and corresponding sales reported for the farm.
  • Monsanto reserves the right to audit dealer sales and claims at any time.
  • The cotton crop is considered a loss if the actual or estimated lint yield is less than 150 lbs. per land acre due to drought on certified dryland cotton acres. Grower must provide proof of Federal Crop Insurance claim of an estimated yield less than 150 lbs. of lint per land acre and drought is the primary cause contributing to 50% or greater of the claim damage under the Multiple Peril Crop Insurance coverage for the affected areas.
  • Total eligible acres equal the grower's reported acres planted with cotton varieties containing Monsanto cotton traits for the USDA or Federal Crop Insurance.

Please contact your local seed representative for more details.

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