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ARM Yourself Against Yield Robbing Pests Corn-Growing Area​​​​

Corn Earworm can destroy up to 7%* of your yield

Only some corn traits are built with farmers in mind and proven in the fields. That’s why there’s no better choice than SmartStax® RIB Complete® corn blend for acres with above and below ground insect pressure, and VT Double PRO® RIB Complete® corn blend for acres with above ground pressure. Our corn traits are designed to deliver:

Availability - Product Choices to Enable Genetic Yield Potential

As leaders in biotech development with widespread farmer experience and proven performance, our corn traits are available in a broad portfolio of highyielding genetics. This provides great flexibility in decisions and comfort in knowing the product you want is available in the trait package you want.

  • Available protection with Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions. SmartStax RIB Complete comes with Poncho® 500/VOTiVO® included.
  • Excellent availability of disease and stress products.

Refuge — Protect More Acres

Genuity RIB Complete is the first brand to offer a full line of true refuge-in-a-bag products providing the convenience of automatic refuge compliance with the lowest refuge available in the Corn-Growing Area.

Modes of Action — Proven Yield Protection

Our corn traits have multiple effective built-in modes of action critical to controlling insects that impact yield. Multiple modes give the most insect control opportunity for maximum yield and trait durability.

  • SmartStax RIB Complete products provide above and below ground insect protection.
  • SmartStax RIB Complete products provide an advantage over products without B.t. CRW protection and/or the use of a soilapplied insecticide.

Yields in the table below are averages over time and can be much higher in any given season.

  • Single mode-of-action products for below ground insect control may need a soil-applied insecticide, so consider cost, handling, equipment and performance of soil-applied insecticides in your purchase decision.
  • SmartStax RIB Complete products and VT Double PRO RIB Complete technology offer multiple modes of action for above ground insect protection, including corn earworm, fall armyworm, southwestern corn borer and European corn borer (ECB).

Corn earworm can destroy up to 7%* of yield potential. o Even under light infestations of ECB, yield loss can be as much as 6%.**

*Boyd, M. and W. Bailey. 2001. Corn earworm in Missouri. MU Guide, University of Missouri-Columbia.
**Citation: Krupke, C.H., et al. 2010. European corn borer in field corn. Bulletin E-17-W. Purdue University.


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