VT Double PRO RIB Complete Corn Blend
Built Better with Proven Performance​

VT Double PRO® RIB Complete® Corn Blend​​

Corn earworm can destroy up to 7% of your yield. For the highest yield potential, get the above-ground insect control that VT Double PRO® RIB Complete delivers, in a simple, convenient refuge-in-a-bag solution.

Features & Benefits

Maximum Yield Protection With Two Ways to Control Corn Earworm 

Maximum Yield Protection With Two Ways to Control Corn Earworm

VT Double PRO RIB Complete contains dual modes of action for maximum protection against corn earworm and other above-ground pests, like European and Southwestern corn borers and fall armyworm.

No Separate, Structured Refuge Required 

No Separate, Structured Refuge Required

VT Double PRO RIB Complete is a mix of 95% traited and 5% refuge seed. With refuge-in-a-bag, there's no need to calculate or plant separate, structured refuge in the Corn-Growing Area. Just pour it in your planter and go.

Competitive Comparison

VT2PRIB has shown 70% less damaged kernels than Optimum AcreMax and Herculex 1

For consistent performance at harvest, plant the corn technology with dual effective modes of action for maximum control of corn earworm and other above-ground insects.

*2013 and 2014 Monsanto Technology Department Trials. Average results from head to head trials comparing damaged kernels from VT Double PRO® technology vs. Herculex® 1.

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