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Genuity Corn Brands

Every field is different. After all, not all corn worms and pests are created equal. And to get more corn per acre, you need to choose your corn traits accordingly. That's why Genuity® offers a variety of corn traits based on what level of protection your fields need.

Whether you need to protect against Corn Earworm or Corn Rootworm, Genuity® Corn traits provide you with innovative corn technology. If you need Corn Borer control or protection from corn weeds, there is a Genuity® Corn trait to help increase yield opportunity.


"I had great results with my first year of DEKALB® Genuity® SmartStax® RIB Complete® corn blend. The average yield for it on our farm was 187 bushels per acre. The real beauty of the product was how easy it was to use this spring without having to plant a separate refuge and it was simple.  "

- Mike Groth
Northfield, Minnesota

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