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Rootworm Manager

genuity® rootworm
manager app

Rootworm Control App

Advanced Rootworm Control In One Simple App

Actively scouting fields and managing corn rootworm pressure is an important part of corn season. Genuity Rootworm Manager is the first app of its kind, designed to put you in active control of risk assessment for rootworm throughout the growing season. At every stage, you obtain an accurate measurement of current risk and can take advantage of suggested next steps based on your results.

Simple Q&A data entry and scouting tips.

Multiple field and farm tracking with custom notes.

Receive reminder alerts, share by email and follow Management Guides

A Powerful New Pest Management Tool

Don't let rootworm damage take your harvest by surprise. Actively monitor your rootworm activity with Genuity Rootworm Manager for iPad, the perfect new tool that fits a comprehensive pest management plan.

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