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Insect Migration ​Risk Forecast

Is your corn at risk? monitors weather patterns and provides daily insect migration data for crop-damaging insects such as Corn Earworm and Western Bean Cutworm.

These risk forecasts utilize strategically placed moth traps across the major crop-growing areas of the country and combined with weather patterns, can provide flight patterns up to five days in advance. Information is updated daily May through September. Stay ahead of the game with

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How to Read the Maps

Corn Earworm

May 27, 2015
No Risk

A more progressive weather pattern is predicted to take hold across the corn-growing region in the next week. The result will be more limited possibilities for corn earworm migration given the expected quicker movement of weather systems in comparison to the past few weeks. A Low risk is in the forecast tomorrow night into Friday morning across much of Kansas, eastern Nebraska, southern Minnesota, southern Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, and much of Illinois as the next low pressure system develops and as southerly winds return to the western corn-growing region. The risk then shifts into the eastern corn-growing region, mainly east of I-55, on Friday night into Saturday as a cold front south of the low pressure sweeps through the area. Any migration events during this time are predicted to be isolated, at best. Growers are advised that with recent southwest flow weather patterns in place that there may not be a risk to corn crops at this time, but some fruit and vegetable crops may be at risk at seeing some feeding especially in the Great Lakes region.

Western Bean Cutworm

May 27, 2015
No Risk

No risk of western bean cutworm emergence or development is predicted in the next five days.

Corn Rootworm

May 27, 2015

Corn rootworm hatch is predicted to either commence or continue across portions of southwest into central and south central Kansas, far southeast Colorado, and central/eastern Illinois and western Indiana in the next week. Some additional hatches may occur further northeast across portions of northeastern Kansas as well as west central Illinois and central Indiana in the next week as well. Growers included in the risk area should monitor for signs of newly hatched corn rootworms in the next week.

Soybean Aphid

May 27, 2015
No Risk

No risk of soybean aphid damage is predicted in the next five days. Soybean aphids, where present, will continue to colonize emerging soybeans but there is no threat to the plant at this stage of growth.