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Genuity® Rootworm Manager​

Advanced Rootworm Control In One Simple App

Genuity Rootworm Manager App 

Actively scouting fields and managing corn rootworm pressure is an important part of corn season. Genuity Rootworm Manager is the first app of its kind, designed to put you in active control of risk assessment for rootworm throughout the growing season. At every stage, you obtain an accurate measurement of current risk and can take advantage of suggested next steps based on your results.

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Key Features

Risk Assessment 

Risk Assessment

Follow the Q&A format to generate a custom rootworm risk assessment.

Season-Long Recommendations 

Season-Long Recommendations

Turn to the app at key times to find the best course of action to take against rootworm.

Reference Toolbox 

Reference Toolbox

Access this digital library for tips, guides and information.

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